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Startup Boot Club

ABOUT STARTUP BOOT CLUB - In order to promote scientific temperament among school students, the department of science and technology is all set to set up boot clubs in government schools The state has chosen 71 Vivekananda model schools to set up boot clubs across the state.

STARTUP BOOT CLUB AIM — The boot clubs aims to improve the temperament of students in fields such as science, technology and IT, which the department feels is required for start-ups. The move is also intended to increase the interest of students in the science stream.
“These clubs will be equipped with microprocessor-based electric kit, censor kit and robotic kit to increase the students’ interest in programming. A total of 710 kits will be distributed in these schools in the first phase. Gradually it will be extended to other schools,” said state minister for science and technology.
The chosen schools will be located in backward blocks. The kits will be used by students from classes VIII to X. A special training session is also underway for teachers to handle boot clubs. The training will enable teachers to use the kits and help them prepare students to innovate in the required fields.
Already students have been getting the benefits of NitiAyog’sAtal Innovation Mission in svgmsbagore block - mandal school. The department has hinted that students who come up with an IT-based idea or start-up will receive all required help from the government.