Welcome To Swami Vivekanand Government Model School
ECO & Environment Club
An Eco-Club is a group of school students interested in environmental issues and willing to make significant contribution to society.

Objectives of an Eco-Club :

  • Create awareness and sensitivity about various environmental issues;
  • Develop skills, positive attitudes and ethics towards environment;
  • Demonstrate initiative to analyze environmental problems, suggest and implement suitable
  • solutions and follow up actions for these;
  • Engage learners in scientific enquiry and;
  • Reduce the ecological footprint of the school
Plantation Drive -an Eco club activity

SVGMS Mandal School has initiated a small step to create and develop awareness and a sense of ecological environment among our students. It is also a noble responsibility to inculcate the benefits of raising plantation, kitchen garden etc in a student’s mind and to take different biodiversity improvement measures through different activities of our eco-club.
This idea was encouraged and enhanced by the Principal, Mr Azaz Hussain Sheikh. A plantation programme was conducted in the school campus . The students and the teacher Incharge Mr. Ladu Lal Khatik and Mr. Mohd Hussain Khan of the Eco-Club along with the principal planted different kinds of saplings outside the school campus.
The students were also made aware about the importance of planting trees. They were sensitized about the important role of the environment and nature in our lives.
Swachch Bharat Abhiyan
“Cleanliness is next to Godliness”. Keeping this in mind the students of the SVGMS Mandal School is taking the initiative, emphasizing on its importance in the lives of people. The students of ECO & Environment club visited the neighboring area to educate the people residing there and make them aware of the need of a clean environment. While interacting with shopkeepers the students made them aware about the Swachch Bharat Abhiyan and also motivated them for the same.
The students got great appreciation from the general public for taking such an initiative.
Fire Safety Training
Most of the fire accidents occur because of our carelessness. Many of them can be avoided if we are more careful and implement certain rules and regulations regarding the fire protection. For this, the school’s Eco & Environment Club conducted a Fire Safety Mock Drill in which students of class VI to XII and staff were trained to get out of such situation. They were also trained to use fire extinguishers. They were taught the meaning of the abbreviation PASS, mentioned on the fire extinguisher. The students paid attention to each minute detail taught to them.